The Role of Women in the Arab Spring.


14-27th November, 2012


Women’s Knowledge International announces the beginning of a transnational initiative in Egypt, November 14th; an initiative that is possible thanks to a collaboration agreement between the Foundation Culture of Peace, the Alexandria Library (BA) and California State University-Northridge (CSUN): Iranian professor Nayereh Tohidi ( from CSUN will carry out an on-the-ground assessment in Alexandria and Egypt (Nov. 14-27th). She will interview representatives from organizations and social movements, researchers, activists and religious leaders, and will attend the Dialogue Forum organized by 1000 Peace Women Organization and the Center for Peace and Democracy Studies of the BA. This joint work will continue in March 2013 in California, EE.UU. A professor from the BA will be invited to the Middle-Eastern and Islamic Studies Department at CSUN to prepare joint educational actions.



In the context of the "International Association of Musicians for Peace", the Fundation for a Culture of Peace awards to Mr. JOSEP VICENT and his project "THE WORLD ORCHESTRA" with the title of "Cultural Ambassadors for Peace"


(Madrid, September 2009)


The Foundation for a Culture of Peace coordinates a global project which objective is to create a youth fund of the UN for a Culture of Peace


The Foundation for Culture of Peace promotes and participates actively in the World Forum of Civil Society Networks - UBUNTU. The main objective is to unite and federate efforts, to build bridges of dialogue and communication among national and international institutions which are focused on promoting peace, endogenous development, dignity and human rights. NGO's, together with academic, artistic, professional and humanitarian institutions, should coordinate to defend these basic principles. This would shape a debate that is favourable to all parties, which, well-oriented and united, could play an important role on the worldwide scene.


"Stop of the violations of democratic international law"

UBUNTU Statement



World campaigN for in-depth reform of the system of international institutions
Humanity is facing particularly serious problems and challenges at present: we still have not achieved peace and security based on justice and freedom in the world. This campaign intends to encourage a series of reforms of international institutions towards a global system of democratic governance through representative procedures involving the participation of all the protagonists of the world civil society. Its key objective is to contribute to the establishment a consistent, transparent, responsible and effective global architecture based on developing international legislation whose democratic value and legitimacy is widely accepted


holy places - Common patrimony of the humanity
The project is developed within the frame of the "Declaration and Plan of Action for a Culture of Peace" and of the "Declaration of Madrid". It began in the year 2000 in Tenerife, continued in the year 2001 in Chicago, in 2002 in Trieste and in 2003 in Madrid. It is considered that the complex subject of the "Holy Places", particularly Jerusalem, is declared Common Patrimony of the Humanity. This recognition would leave the "Holy Places" aside from any conflict in which the states  geographically belong to. The Common Patrimony of the Humanity awards a new status that bears specific forms from regulation to certain "places" that keep in his joint diversity a series of values, beliefs, material and immaterial symbols that for its culture belong to the entire humanity. A group of jurists and specialists in international law summoned by the President of the Foundation Culture of Peace, Federico Mayor Zaragoza, work to find and to propose solutions to this legal, political and cultural challenge that tries to contribute to the transition of a culture of war and violence to a culture of peace, dialogue and tolerance.

In the meeting of Madrid, 27-28 September 2003, the final text of the "Project of Legal Regime of the Holy Places - Common Patrimony of the Humanity" was approved. The mentioned text has been spread within a wide group of  personalities linked to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and will be useful as a basis for a multidisciplinar meeting supported by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to contribute initiatives to the Middle East Peace Plan.


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